Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrift store heaven...and hell.

No IKEA in Memphis, so we turned to the "Antique Malls" for our furnishing needs. But first we visited some upscale shops in our neighborhood: first stop was at a charming store with a lot of country style wares that probably would not have been out of place in most martha stewart friendly homes:

This store also had a nice upstairs 'mall' area (these are very common in the antique market here- rented out 'rooms' or stalls, managed through a main front desk), that was eclectic and fun, but still beyond our current budget and needs.

Then onto another few stores in this vein- catering to the upper middle class- amazing selection and good prices throughout (as compared to the Bay Area at least).

But our desire for lower prices led us to the 'Antique Malls'- and these were eye opening! Large, sprawling mazes of goods ranging from plain junk, to quality antiques, to mid-century wares, on through collectibles of all sorts- overall a topsy-turvy world of chaotic nostalgia:
We had a great time, these places may make up for the lack of both IKEA and a modern art museum in town. The nostalgia is thick and seductive. But as other bloggers I've been reading note, Memphis is a city ruled by nostalgia. Perhaps best symbolized by the presence of Elvis EVERYWHERE!
One last note about antiquing and bargain hunting here. The Thrift Shops can be a little disturbing with their random and chaotic piles of goods:

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